Days 1-3 of Keto

Okay so I’ve been inconsistent in my MMA training over the past few months due to various busy periods in general life, so firstly my journey will look at getting myself back in for regular training. (Well come back to this in future posts)

Although I’ve been consistently strength and conditioning training, one thing that’s been really inconsistent is my diet. I’ve found myself improving in strength and certain areas of physique, but going backwards in other areas. Including my stomach fat and eating habits.

I’ve felt tired, had constant bad digestion issues, and physically my mid section basically looks way behind my limbs, it’s stupid. So I decided to try a ketogenic diet. A lot of athletes I follow have taken this diet on board and it works for them and you can literally see the results. 

2 things if anyone is actually reading this should do is google obviously ketogenic diet, followed by some YouTube videos of Brendan Schaub, Joe Rogan, and anyone else you can find giving information about it. That way you’ll understand the diet further and see some actual real cases of success. (Also i really don’t want to prattle on about the exact details of the diet when Google can explain in seconds).

So I started the diet on Sunday, eating nuts and fruit for breakfast, and chicken and avocado for late morning snack, then beef and stir fried vegetables for lunch, and usually an omlette and a hurricane xs shake to top it off. I’ve followed this for three days roughly and felt satisfied, full and energetic. 

One thing so far that I’ve noticed already that’s changed is my digestion. I used to poop at least 8 times a day no joke, and it wasn’t exactly… Solid. I also used to fart my ass off 24/7. Within a day that stopped. 

I’m posting this on my third day which happens to be my chosen rest day, so I used it to refuel with a lot of fat and found a great recipe online for a Keto pizza using mozzarella and egg as the base. It was so good! 

The recipe can be found here: Keto pizza!!!

I also want to share a Picture of my current physical state alongside measurements of my body to compare in around 4 weeks my progress. (Weight is not important it’s a pretty dumb thing to measure unless you’re preparing for competition).

As you can see my arms and shoulders are alright, but my midsection has gone into dad bod mode!


Biceps/arms 14.5 inches

 Chest/lats 42 inches

Waist 37 inches

Stomach 40inches

Hips 39 inches
Thighs 23 inches

Calfs 15 inches

So let’s see if there’s any results in 4 weeks!


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